Attention all Indivisible 605 Members!

The House of Representatives is schedule to vote on the TrumpCare bill this Thursday.  While we expect Rep. Noem to vote for the bill, we need each member to call her office by WEDNESDAY afternoon letting her know we are AGAINST TrumpCare! 

The CBO clearly found the that over 20 MILLION fewer Americans will be covered under TrumpCare (with the biggest impact hitting small "red" states like SD); it will COST MORE and provide FEWER BENEFITS, and, it will give BILLIONS in tax breaks to the ONE PERCENT! 

Noem's Washington phone number is 202-225-2801 and her Sioux Falls number is 605-275-2868. Please call!

We need to make sure she knows that there is strong opposition AGAINST TrumpCare here in SD!

Let’s hit the phones, people!