We need to let the Members of Congress know that we want live, in-person town halls scheduled so we can voice our concerns. Currently, they do weekly meetings in DC. Not exactly convenient.

So here is the mission this week...Using the contact information at the bottom of the resources page, call each office and make a request  that a town hall be scheduled.

  1. Ask when the next town hall is scheduled.
  2. When they say "no", or say "I don't know", ask to be put on a list of people who are notified about upcoming town halls. Persist in requesting an in-person town hall, since a phone-in meeting can be screened with tailored messaging.
  3. Make sure your request for a town hall is registered.

Be sure to inform them that you are a constituent and be prepared to give your contact information. Let's get some town halls on the calendar! This is step one.